Turquoise Ocean w/Sea Salt, Beer & Cream


We have been making oodles of Sea Salt Spa Soaps for you!  If you’ve never tried a bar of Sea Salt Spa Soap, there are now SIX varieties you can choose from.  They provide a unique lathering experience because of the sea salt which helps create a pretty dense lather.  Sea Salt is said to help exfoliate dead skin cells, help draw impurities from the skin and balance your natural oils, all while providing a lovely, slightly creamy and compact/dense lather.  We love having at least one variety of Sea Salt Spa soap in the shop to offer customers.  If you’ve never tried one, it’s a fun, unique cleansing bar.  Personally, we like using sea salt soap once or twice a week and following up with a natural whipped body butter or solid moisturizing bar.

Turquoise Ocean soaps with sea salt are scented with one of our favorite masculine aquatic fragrances.  It was time to restock our soap inventory with this fresh, uplifting, swoon worthy fragrance.

Sea Salt bars tend to be a bit brittle near the end, so we toss any small pieces that break off into a handy soap net so that no lovely soap goes to waste!

Net Wt. 4.5-5.0 oz.

Cleansing Scale (1-5):  4-5 = Normal-Super

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Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Beer, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Heavy Cream, Fragrance, Water, Olive Leaf, Black Walnut, Colorant (Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Ultramarine Blue, Iron Oxide, Green Chrome Oxide)


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