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Soap Nets are a simple, reusable way to get the most out of any bar of soap.  The net pouch holds your bar and creates an instant lather while gently exfoliating your skin.  It’s a loofah for bar soap!  The strap can be used on the wrist, making bar soap easier to hold onto.

After use, rinse and hang net to dry, prolonging the life of the soap.  Soap Nets are fast drying with no bacteria buildup or mold growth.

To Use: Slide bead up the strap, place bar soap in pouch and slide bead back down to close top of pouch.  As the soap gets low, add a new bar inside; there is no need to throw small slivers away!

NOTE: Soap not included.  Bead colors/styles will vary.

Made in the USA

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Soap Net Material:

  • Recyclable (#1)
  • BPA Free
  • Latex Free
  • Nonabsorbent Polymer

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