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The Happy Soaper shop has closed. The last day to place Happy Soaper orders was Saturday, November 25, 2023. All local pick-up orders must be picked up by Wednesday, November 29. Thank you for your support over these past 6 1/2+ years. We've absolutely loved formulating and swirling one of a kind handcrafted soaps for you. You helped make this adventure possible!

Coconutty Cleaning w/Scrubber Mesh Cloth


They’re back!  We love to bring you handcrafted, natural products we make and use in The Happy Soaper home!

Unlike our other soaps, Coconutty Cleaning is intended FOR HOUSEHOLD USE (not intended for body soap as it may be drying to skin).  These all natural (no synthetic detergent) soap bars are versatile, grease cutting and all natural, now with almost ZERO packaging!

Our “packaging” here, is a 50% Nylon/50% Polyester mesh dish cloth (great alternative to sponges) that can be folded, wet, and rubbed directly on the wet bar of Coconutty Cleaning until nicely lathered.  Use directly on wet dishes for hand washing, rinse and dry dishes…that’s it!  This same bar can also be used as a laundry stain remover, best on fresh stains.  Wet stain and bar, then rub soap into stain thoroughly.  For best results, allow stain to sit for a few minutes before laundering.  Repeat if needed.

Color selection varies (pink, blue or green, while supplies last).  Feel free to add in your order notes, 1st and 2nd choice of color.  We will do our best to meet your request :).

NOTE:  We do recommend using dish gloves for prolonged use, as this bar could be drying to hands.  Unlike our body soaps, this soap is formulated to cut grease, not leave extra skin-loving moisture behind.

Hand wash or launder dish cloth; bleach not recommended.

Weight: 4.25-4.4 oz.

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Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide

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Weight 5 oz


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