Body Butter Bar – Tropical Butter (Tube)


Body Butter Bars are an absolute must in The Happy Soaper family, so of course we love to share them with you too!  This 0.6 oz. convenient twist up tube (the size of a giant lip balm), will help you keep your skin moisturized on-the-go.  Whether your skin needs a little extra loving care from being dried out in the sunshine or from exposure to harsh, dry, cold air, grab a tube to go with you!  Preservative free and full of only natural moisturizing goodness, they will leave your skin feeling silky, moisturized, and protected.

Tropical Butter is all-naturally scented with the tropical notes of luxurious Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and natural Cocoa Butter.  Sometimes a customer will ask what our favorite scent is.  The 100% natural scent of Tropical Butter Body Butter Bars always ranks at the top for us!

What are customers saying?

Repeatedly we’ve had customers come back to get more Body Butter Bars because their kids keep them in their backpack to use during the day.  We keep them handy in the nightstand and at our desks so we can use them before bed as well as throughout the day!

Note: Keep out of extreme heat, as product may melt.

Directions: Twist dial to raise product as needed.  Slowly glide balm over skin/nails/cuticles, allowing it to melt.  Rub in to moisturize, soften and protect skin.

Best By: 11/2023

Weight: 0.6 oz.

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Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E


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