Bee Balm w/Cocoa Butter – Tropical Butter (Tube)


Bee Balm solid moisturizing bars are back in stock in FIVE scent varieties!  This 0.6 oz. convenient twist up tube (the size of a giant lip balm), will help you keep your skin moisturized on-the-go.  Whether your skin needs a little extra loving care from being dried out in the sunshine or from exposure to harsh, cold air, grab a Bee Balm on the go!  Preservative free and full of natural moisturizing goodness, Bee Balm will leave your skin feeling silky, moisturized and protected.

Tropical Butter is all-naturally scented with the tropical notes of luxurious Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Cocoa Butter.  Sometimes a customer will ask what our favorite scent is.  The 100% natural scent of Tropical Butter Bee Balms always ranks near the top for us!

What are customers saying?

“Each rub moisturized my hands and made my hands do a happy dance.”

Note: Keep out of extreme heat, as product may melt.

Directions: Twist dial to raise product as needed.  Slowly glide balm over skin/nails/cuticles, allowing it to melt.  Rub in to moisturize, soften and protect skin.

Best By: 5/2022

Weight: 0.6 oz.

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Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E (Tocopherol)


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