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Fundraising Info

The Happy Soaper offers group fundraisers.  Bars will be priced at $1.50/oz.  Your organization will earn $0.50/oz. of soap sold, with bars averaging 4-6 oz. each.


Bar Size Cost per oz. Bar Price Fundraiser Earnings
4 oz. $1.50 $6.00 $2.00
5 oz. $1.50 $7.50 $2.50
6 oz. $1.50 $9.00 $3.00


  1. Pre-order product. Depending on the size of your fundraiser, this should be done 8-16 weeks in advance (or more). 20% of the order total will be invoiced at this time.
  2. Once order is ready, the packaged products and order forms need to be picked up or can be shipped (shipping cost will be invoiced to your organization).
  3. Sell product, accepting payment by check (made payable to your organization) or cash.
  4. At fundraiser completion date, the remaining balance due (47% of order total) will be invoiced.
  5. Your organization keeps your 33% earnings.


How much to Order:

  1. Set Fundraiser Earning Goal.

For example, $2,500.

  1. Divide Goal by $0.50/oz. (the portion you keep), to find the total ounces of product needed.

$2,500/$0.50 = 5,000 oz. of product needed

  1. Multiply total # of ounces by $1.50/oz. (selling price), to find total order dollar amount.

5,000 oz. x $1.50/oz. = $7,500 worth of soap product to order

  1. To figure 20% deposit cost, multiply total order amount by 20%.

$7,500 x .2 = $1,500 initial order invoice