...sharing the bubbly joy of handmade, cold process soap...

The Happy Soaper is a small, handcrafted soap company located in Perrysburg, OH, specializing in the making of cold process soap.

How did it get started?  After graduating college, I said my dream job would be to learn every craft in the world (my husband teases that I am well on my way).  I love making things and sharing them with others, be it the perfect homemade pizza for Family Fun Night, a lovely scented candle, or a personalized hand stamped necklace.

A few years back, I learned that soap could actually be made…from scratch…lovely, handmade bars of bubbly goodness!  I began studying the fascinating soap making process, but decided between having a young family, the soap science learning curve, and the investment to start yet another craft, that I had better put this on hold for the time being.



The Happy Soaper

 About a year later, I could put it off no longer.  In April of 2015, I made my very first batch of cold process soap.  It wasn’t until I completed my first “Hanger Swirl” design (Batch #12), that my love of soap making truly set in!  Since then, there has been an explosion of soap making, new recipes, new ingredients, and…new swirls.

I’ve been asked how I came up with my business name.  Due to the scientific part of soap making, I have to dress the part when soaping, complete with goggles, gloves and apron.  My kids found it funny that I look like a “mad scientist”, but since I was having too much fun, that quickly changed to “the happy scientist” and then became what you know today as, “The Happy Soaper”.

Since those early batches, I have learned a great deal about the many benefits of handmade soap.  I have tried new recipes with a wider variety of skin loving ingredients, and started receiving positive feedback from those who were trying the soap.  With encouragement from family and friends, my hobby turned into a business and this is what you see today. 

If you have not used handmade soap before, I encourage you to try some today.  I would love to hear the positive changes you notice in your skin when you make the switch to handmade soap.

And please know, these fun soaps really are made to use, no matter how pretty they look.  What you are seeing is the joy that goes into making them.  I will have more when you need it, so make sure you come back to shop again!

Laura Hiss

The Happy Soaper